The History of the FIFA World Cup
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The History of the FIFA World Cup

This article provides the history of the FIFA World Cup, it\'s past winners and host countries.

This article will provide the reader with a complete history of the FIFA World Cup. The FIFA World Cup is the most watched event in the world and takes place every 4 years. It is where the worlds best players compete for the worlds greatest football prize. Every football player and fan dreams about their country winning the FIFA World Cup and according to FIFA, over 1 billion people watch the FIFA World Cup Final, this accounts for nearly one sixth of the worlds population and makes it the most watched event in the world.

The Beginnings

The first FIFA World Cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay and Uruguay was the first nation to win the FIFA World Cup. There were difficulties when the FIFA World Cup first started, travel around the world was expensive and it was also during this period that the world was inbetween two world wars. As a result, many countries didn't want to travel to Europe to take part.

The tournament was a knock-out style tournament and started with only a few teams, it should have been 16 teams, but many countries either boycotted the tournament or no longer existed. For example, Austria and Germany were to play in the FIFA World Cup when Austria was annexed into Germany. The number of teams were expanded to 24 teams in the 80s and again to the current number of 32 nations competing in the FIFA World Cup.


The FIFA World Cup has had 2 different trophies, the first one called the Jules Rimet Cup was awarded to Brazil after they won the competition 3 times. However, this was subsequently stolen in 1983 and has never been found. Nations are entitled to keep the trophy after they win the world cup 3 times, at the moment, the FIFA World Cup is awarded to a the country until the next world cup when it is returned to FIFA and awarded to the next winner.

The current trophy is simply called the FIFA World Cup Trophy and features 2 athletes holding up the world with their arms outstretched. This trophy is made from solid gold and is made from nearly 6kg of gold. It is likely to be the most precious trophy in the world, not just because it is for one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world but also because of the amount of gold contained in it.


Qualification is only automatic for the current champions and the host country. Since the second FIFA World Cup in 1934, all countries must go through qualification in their respective continents, arranged by their respective football confederations, for example, UEFA in Europe. The teams who qualify are given a place in the FIFA World Cup.

Host Countries

1930 - Uruguay

1934 - Italy

1938 - France

1950 - Brazil

1954 - Switzerland

1958 - Sweden

1962 - Chile

1966 - England

1970 - Mexico

1974 - West Germany

1978 - Argentina

1982 - Spain

1986 - Mexico

1990 - Italy

1994 - United States of America

1998 - France

2002 - South Korea & Japan

2006 - Germany

2010 - South Africa

Past Winners

1930 - Uruguay

1934 - Italy

1938 - Italy

1950 - Uruguay

1954 - West Germany

1958 - Brazil

1962 - Brazil

1966 - England

1970 - Brazil

1974 - West Germany

1978 - Argentina

1982 - Italy

1986 - Argentina

1990 - West Germany

1994 - Brazil

1998 - France

2002 - Brazil

2006 - Italy

2010 - Spain

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Comments (1)

Believe it or not, as Ripley would have said, I knew nothing about the FIFA World Cup until reading this. I have to confess that I'm not really into sports unless it pertains to the martial arts and auto racing. Never the less, after reading this fact packed article I will know enough to discuss the FIFA without making a fool of myself if it ever comes up in conversation.